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Mental Horror, "Proclaiming Vengeance"

Brazil is a hotbed for extremely brutal death metal right now. I'm not talking about bands sounding like Sepultura, because some of these heavyweights wipe their asses with that group. One such gargantuan force is the relatively new Mental Horror. On their stateside debut Proclaiming Vengeance, you'll be wondering numerous things after pressing play. Among them: "Is this for real or do they use a drum machine?" and after you realize that they have a human drummer, you'll be confused about how he plays so fast. If you thought Krisiun's chaotic onslaught of technical guitars and speeding pinpoint precision drumming was oppressive (impressive), you'll have trouble breathing (believing) while this disc's playing. Mental Horror is faster than any band I've heard before. Every single song that has vocals is played incredibly fast. It's almost too much to take. With the buzzing, undulating guitars, deep, slow rumbling vocals, and this monstrous drumming, Proclaiming Vengeance exterminates. It pounds, pummels, and is utterly sick, sick, sick throughout. Even the instrumental track "Screams of Tiamat" is truly dark and scary.

So the real question is whether it's actually worth listening to, and I don't have a good answer. If you can make it through "Burning Alive" and the nearly 8 minute "Genocidal Inquisition" (mind you, this song is as fast as anything else on the disc, and it doesn't have any notably slower parts) with a smile on your face, my guess is that you'll totally dig the rest of the album. If you like bands like Krisiun, Cryptopsy, Nile or Hate Eternal, you'll probably dig this band. And if you are an insane motherfucker with the need to listen to the most brutal shit around, Mental Horror will be your style. If, however, if you are not one of these types, and you are content with softer stuff, consider yourself warned.

Standout Tracks

   Screams of Tiamat

Peter Johnston