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Sea of Green, "Northern Lights"

Some affectionately refer to this Toronto-based trio as Sea of Weed for the copious amounts of marijuana they may or may not smoke. Yes, Sea of Green is very much stoner rock, but it is quite different from most bands in the genre. Where some choose to lay down the heavy feedback and even revert to gruff vocal deliveries, this band chooses a much smoother approach. All the vocals are sung tastefully, audibly and without interfering much with the jam session going on behind them. The music itself is generally mid-paced, melodic stoner rock with some interesting twists, slower songs and great songwriting. The best part of this disc is that the whole thing is very mellow. Nothing really intrudes too much; the feedback and vocals never try to climb inside your mind without you wanting them to, the riffs and solos are almost hidden in the atmosphere of the songs; the attitude is very laid back.

The Northern Lights EP is a very refreshing listen. All six tracks are markedly different, with highlights including "Time & Space," and "In the Sun" for their captivating style and mature construction. The other four songs are good too, though these two are probably the best. Now add interesting cover art - a green-washed scene of the northern lights - and warm, deep production and the result is an EP that is far better than one might expect. If these guys continue smoking, er...playing, their full-length album will definitely be something worth finding. That is, if you think you can handle that kind of a high.

Standout Tracks

   Time & Space
   In the Sun

Peter Johnston