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Stuck Mojo, "Declaration of a Headhunter"
Stuck Mojo
Declaration of a Headhunter
Stuck Mojo, "Declaration of a Headhunter"

If you have watched much televised wrestling, you probably at least know of rap-metallers Stuck Mojo. And if you are into this style of music, you probably really enjoy their stuff because as far as rap-metal goes, it is the cream of the crop. Heavy guitars, great beats, interesting leads, varied rap/sung/deep vocals and crisp, clean production. Unfortunately, many people into either rap or metal find this hybrid style very annoying and at times horribly lame. To be quite honest, as a death metal listener, I never gave Stuck Mojo a fighting chance until Declaration of a Headhunter.

It was a very pleasant surprise especially since the vocals (where most of these bands alienate listeners of other styles) are a bit more palatable than many other groups in the genre. Songs like "The One," "Drawing Blood" and "Evilution" immediately appealed to my metal sensibilities, while others including "Feel it Coming Down," "Set the Tone" and "Raise the Deadman" surprised me with their catchy grooves and choruses, and began getting caught in my mind immediately. Those who have no tolerance for rap should still probably steer clear of Stuck Mojo, though if you have even once found yourself not hating Cypress Hill or listening to West-Coast hardcore, this band may just be your new favorite.

Lyrically, like much of rap, the content of Declaration of a Headhunter is very politically charged. Government corruption, welfare, and racism are all addressed, and the band deals with some of these issues in very non-traditional ways. Somehow, non-traditional is probably the best adjective to describe Declaration of a Headhunter. Stuck Mojo have succeeded with this disc, and if you don't listen to it just because you steer clear of the genre, you will be the one missing out.

Standout Tracks

   Drawing Blood

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