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Black My Heart, "The Fuck Hearts EP"

I spent almost the entire 4 years of High School without a single drink, smoke or any debauchery. To this day, I remember using a black marker to carve big Xs on my hands during 'Battle of the Bands,' where I played with my first band, Martyr 33. Those were the good old days. (Un)fortunately everything changed in college, but I don't regret a thing. I still have respect for the straight-edge movement. However, I no longer follow the straight-edge scene as much as I used to and can't name many new bands outside of my all time favorites like Earth Crisis, Chain of Strength and Strife.

Supposedly, the scene is still going strong and there are a few labels who keep the spirit alive by signing straight-edge acts. Goodbye Blue Skies is one of such labels, and Black My Heart is my first introduction to the so-called new wave of straight-edge hardcore. The Fuck Hearts EP brings back old memories with a new school twist. Imagine the roughneck attitude of Fury of Five (RIP) with Hatebreed breakdowns but with better sing alongs and faster, more upbeat songs, and you got the Cliffs version of Black My Heart. Fuel this formula with powerful albeit not blatant SxE lyrics, and you have a powerful first EP from a band already making waves; Black My Heart will release their first full-length on Eulogy Recordings. And while Black My Heart does not break any new grounds, The Fuck Hearts is an enjoyable 14 minutes of heavy, intense, sincere hardcore!

Standout Tracks

   Hope Bound
   Tight Pants and Turtlenecks
   Thick as Blood