A Perfect Murder, "Unbroken"

Ahh, Victory Records, my how the mighty have fallen... Nah, A Perfect Murder is not that bad, just that anyone into hardcore has heard this before. Unbroken is very reminiscent of Hatebreed, minus A LOT of the mosh and anger. Hints of Shutdown and just about any of the hundreds of posi-sXe-hardcore bands out there pop up, along with a little originality with some fret work, not just straight chug all the way through. Lyrics deal with your standard stabbed in the back, protect your friends, save the scene, don't do drugs stuff, and the whole cross me and my posse and me will beat you down thing. Simple stuff, not bad, just not for me anymore; but if bandana-ninja masks, windmills (dancing, not Norwegian countryside), sXe, and moshing it up are for you, by all means, commit (to) A Perfect Murder.

Standout Tracks

   Speak Without Faith