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Peccatum, "Lost in Reverie"

Deeply intoxicating and feverishly decadent, Peccatum is a horrific beauty of an act, melding grey, gothic tones with industrial extremity; Lost in Reverie is a beast and a belle wrapped into one slick package. Haunting keys mixed with Ihriel's somber crooning and Ihsahn's raspy spoken singing, their combined whispers, metal/industrial riffing, melodic acoustics, and varied styles of drumming; this record crawls under the covers with your psyche and cuddles while stabbing you in the neck with the free hand. A precise explanation of Peccatum I cannot bring out, this being my first foray into their world; but I have to say it is a good trip. There is something here for everyone. I am even getting hints of 60's folk female vocals in parts of "In the Bodiless Heart." Emo, goth, metal, ambient, black ("Parasite My Heart" killer track, black metal Mastodon), rock; it is all melded here, creating a cool sound; an experiment in extremity without being "extreme" really at all; extreme in the exact opposite of Ihsahn's heralded Emperor, and just as good; really.

Standout Tracks

   Desolate Ever After
   Parasite My Heart
   The Banks of This River is Night