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Dawn of Azazel, "The Law of the Strong"
Dawn of Azazel
The Law of the Strong
Dawn of Azazel, "The Law of the Strong"

I am not sure of the "scene" background of Dawn of Azazel (Azazel of which, I nominate for retirement from metal band names), but this is some seriously fucking harsh death-core/power violence/grind metal nonsense. Not nonsense in a bad way, by any means. Dawn of Azazel seriously fucking obliterate in a way that so many non-Gothenburg-raping metalcore acts wish they could. From start to finish The Law of the Strong is a nonstop barrage of machinegun blasting, bone crushing breakdowns, whirlwind spinning riffs, and throat shredding vocal torment. I have heard so many bands in the last five years try this approach in the metalcore scene and fail so blatantly, infusing their chugga stomping and melodic bridging. These New Zealanders do not fuck around with any of that. This is hateful, violent death metal by all accounts, but the sissies here stateside need to have a listen and quit singing about the purple headed chick that dumped them last year.

"Conqueror Throned" gives you a direct combat boot to the face right off the bat, throwing all ingredients into the fray that Dawn offers, and stepping on your face until the last note. Track four, "I Stand Conquered" is another quick highlight that brings out some fun riffs and rhythms that beg for more. The eight minute "Justice is a Fist" is a grinding, tank-sized behemoth that does not give in. This seriously is a CD that makes you want to get up and fucking break something or either go to war. An aggression filled tour of duty from start to finish, The Law of the Strong is a new menace to be reckoned with from down under and something that a lot of people need to take heed of before they think that they are heavy.

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