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Magister Dixit, "Infernal Martyrism"
Magister Dixit
Infernal Martyrism
Magister Dixit, "Infernal Martyrism"

For those of you in the market for more Canadian blood soaked, scathing black metal savagery, look into Magister Dixit. In the game with Naglfar, Ragnarok and the like, Infernal Martyrism bring it fast and technical, cold 'n' cult, and leave little in their path. Faltering somewhat in a thin production (some riffs just do not hold their ground as they should), and an iffy choice in clean vocals; mainly in "The Stone Has Spoken..." which otherwise is a decent three and a half minute stab to the brain. The acoustic intro to "Rebellion of the Unholy Mindfucked" suffers from misplaced drumming, and the same thin recording. In this field of black metal play, a "necro" sound never works to an advantage. The acoustic "The Hunchback" would be fine if it were instrumental, and not a song about the infamous ogre of Notre Dame. My complaining aside, this is a strong record, definitely for black metal fans that enjoy the less grim and distraught sounds of less accessible acts. Certainly with giving a chance.