A Perfect Murder, "Unbroken"

A Perfect Murder hail from Canada, which may (or may not) play in their favor, depending on how you feel about our northern neighbors. Living so far in the South, I tend to think of Canada as an exotic land ice, populated by hairy demonic hordes who dominate the hockey rinks while swigging beer and listening to metal.

A Perfect Murder play... well, the vocals are from the hardcore scene but the music is a blend of metal and hardcore... which renders this metalcore, a subgenre blend which is showing signs of getting crusty around the genitals. Being that its metalcore, there's gotta be breakdowns, and you know they're coming when the vocalist goes "Waaugh!" or "Urrrgh!" Oddly enough, I enjoy these fabricated moments of tension release, and the metal end of things is done well enough; these guys have worked hard on getting their metal infusion just right. And it makes all the difference, saving "Unbroken" from being forgettable.

One thing I noticed right off, the lads are pretty good at finding the groove. Not only that but they throw in a few guitar solos, melodic bits rather than random chaotic guitar noise. Metalcore is trendy genre, with everyone jumping on the working bandwagon; A Perfect Murder have managed to create an album that doesn't buck the trend but does take advantage of the groove-laden goodness of metal. I can also say that it makes a great soundtrack for being stuck in traffic around downtown; I had the windows rolled down and the stereo cranked, pissing off just about everyone who came within earshot. The songs tend to sound very similar, not much variation, but "Unbroken" is a blast to crank up and let loose when the occasion demands a dosage of metalcore. A Perfect Murder probably won't be converting the faithless but it's still a solid release.

Standout Tracks

   Time Bomb