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Voivod, "Dimension Hatröss"

This is the beginning of phase two of the evolution of Voivod. This is one of the few bands out there that have literally had 5 different sounds to them, yet retained almost the same band the entire time. Death might be the only comparable band in terms of different sounds, but even then Chuck Schuldiner was the only constant. Voivod went through three massive sound changes with the original lineup intact. The psychotic anger of the early punk days isn't so obvious as it had been channeled into a much different sound. The blinding speed and profanity laced lyrics were no longer needed by a band that had evolved beyond them. This isn't to say this album is free of aggression, it just sounds different here. The bass really came into play for this first time here, really providing the foundation for the wandering guitar of Piggy. Away still hates his drums though just not as much though he still pounds away on them quite savagely. Piggy really went nuts on this album almost reminding me of early Godflesh in which the guitar wandered quite far from the rhythm section, but this predated Godflesh so they didn't influence him. The production also helps out a lot here since it isn't operating theater sterile but it is sufficiently clean that the chaos can be fully appreciated. Snake also changed a lot on this album as the screaming is almost totally discarded here in favor of a clean droning voice which adds an atmosphere of creepiness to many of the songs, which already sound like an experiment gone wrong, which is what this album is all about. This one is hard to describe in any great detail but it is certainly worthy of your time. I don't think I've ever heard a band change its sound so drastically from one album to the next and still make two great albums. Pure genius.

Standout Tracks

   ...Prolog ...Experiment
   Tribal Convictions
   ...Epilogue ...Macrosolutions to Megaproblems