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Voivod, "Killing Technology"

We are connected. These are the first three words spoken on this absolute killing machine of an album. The production is decent by the standards of the time. This was recorded in 1987 after all. The bass could certainly use a bit more thunder behind it, although Blacky does an excellent job wielding it. This is the album where Voivod as a whole really grew musically, bridging the gap between the primitive hatred or War and Pain and RRRÖ-Ö-Ö-AAARRR with the technical prowess and overall weirdness of Dimension Hatröss and Nothingface. Snake's vocals take a quantum leap as he learns to sing more in the midrange as opposed to his higher pitched early days in which he sounded like a poor man's Rob Halford. Piggy is the only one who's skill didn't seem to jump that far ahead of what it was, due to the fact that he was already pretty good, and the rest of the band caught up to him. Away also seems more in control of his fury, even if he is still beating the living crap out of his kit, he does it more out of purpose than out of anger. Yes, this is the album where Voivod started to become truly scary. They all found their strengths here, and learned to run with them. I still think RRRÖ-Ö-Ö-AAARRR is the most aptly named Voivod album, but this is a close second. I also think it is their finest moment, and they have many to choose from. You need this. Don't try to fight it. You won't win.

Standout Tracks

   Killing Technology
   Too Scared to Scream
   Ravenous Medicine