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Hypocrisy, "Inferior Devoties"

Recently downsized from five members to three, "Inferior Devoties" is a notable Hypocrisy release only because it was the first to feature the line-up that wrote and recorded the band's best efforts ("Abducted," "The Final Chapter," and "Hypocrisy"). Unfortunately, the four Hypocrisy originals included here were written and recorded by the same line-up that penned the forgettable "Penetralia" and "Osculum Obscenum," the only difference being that these versions feature current frontman Peter Tagtgren on vocals. Translation: "Inferior Devoties" is nothing to get excited about, as the band’s first two releases were average brutal death metal at best. Also included is an uneventful cover of Slayer’s “Black Magic.” A footnote in Hypocrisy's impressive discography, this EP is pretty rare nowadays, but considering the quality of the material on it, that may not be such a bad thing.

Tom Bransfield