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Arch Enemy, "Dead Eyes See No Future"
Arch Enemy
Dead Eyes See No Future
Arch Enemy, "Dead Eyes See No Future"

Arch Enemy decided to throw us a nice little EP to tide us all over until the next record. This has the album version of Dead Eyes See No Future, three live songs and three covers. I already covered the studio version of the title track on my Anthems of Rebellion review, and it is one of my favorite songs on that album but there's no need to really get into it here. They also tucked the video for We Will Rise on here.

The live stuff is the best part of the EP with the songs We Will Rise, Heart of Darkness and Burning Angel. The sound is good on all of them as is the energy. I can't argue with the choices of Burning Angel and Heart of Darkness, but I think they should have also used a live version of the title track instead of We Will Rise, especially since you can hear Angela introduce it at the end of We Will Rise. Still I can't complain about the live stuff.

I'll save that for the cover songs. They do Megadeth's Symphony of Destruction, Manowar's Kill With Power and Carcass' Incarnated Solvent Abuse. First let's talk about the Megadeth song. First of all, they chose an awful song. I mean is there anything less fun than hearing a slow thrash song. Also the vocals are all wrong for it. She sings the whole song way too slow, and it sounds like it's actually meant for another song as the tempo is totally off. The quality of the vocal sound is much improved, but you could improve on Dave Mustaine's vocals by replacing them with the sounds made by a bag full of cats and Dani Filth being beaten with a stick. Nothing personal Dave, but you are the WORST vocalist in the history of metal. Now for Manowar's Kill With Power. Thanks a lot guys. My lifelong dream of never owning anything connected to Manowar gets shot to hell by reviewing this EP. I don't even feel like getting into how fucking stupid Manowar is so I'll just say the cover sounds decent, but I can't compare it to the original since I avoid Manowar as though listening to them will give me AIDS. If you are not into metal you are not my friend, fucking imbeciles! The third is Mike going back in the playbook to his previous band Carcass. Now I'm sure I've mentioned Carcass is the best death metal band ever before. This made me happy to see although personally I think they would have done a much better version of Heartwork than this. They pull it off nicely, I just didn't think it was the best fit, but then again anything sounds great after it follows Megadeth and Manowar. I mean even Merzbow combined with a massive hangover would be an improvement.

Now we have the video, which you have probably seen by now. It's OK, even if it's just dudes running around with a glazed look in their eyes and some dude with a flag. My favorite part has to be the one dude who eats it going down the hill, just because people getting hurt is always funny if you are not said person. Also I do like how Angela's outfit seems to get progressively shredded during the video. Nothing to do with music I know, but dang that girl is fine. Overall I can't say this is a must have. I guess if you can handle the Megadeth and Manowar thing you'll be OK.

Standout Tracks

   Dead Eyes See No Future
   Burning Angel (Live)
   Heart of Darkness (Live)
   Incarnated Solvent Abuse