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Ancient, "Night Visit"

Well with Ancient we can start by arguing whether or not this is black metal. I'm not going to since I couldn't care less. (Insert argument about the utter idiocy trying to argue the subjective truth of an objective medium here.) I'll just settle for talking about whether or not it's any good. My verdict would be: It's OK. I have to be honest; I got into Proxima Centauri a lot more than I did this one. They do the Dimmu style of black metal, although they are a bit more gothic and less symphonic. The production is decent, although the guitar is a bit thin. It has the usual raspy vocals, occasionally with an attempt at a serpentine hiss added, although to be honest it just sounds like Aphazel is deflating more than anything. The songs themselves are your basic blackened goth metal, nothing all that innovative to report here. There is one major annoyance though, namely the last two songs. They aren't actually songs, but instrumental outros. I can see putting one outro on an album, but two? They pulled a reverse Acheron. Overall I can't really hammer this, but this has been done a lot better, even by Ancient themselves.

They also include a video for the song Night Visit on here, though it is little more than the band playing interspersed with footage of some cute goth chick doing random things, nothing the FCC need fear though. It was like an old Cradle of Filth video without the borderline porn. That was really the only reason to watch those anyway. Lat pointless aside, is there a better pseudonym in metal than Jesus Christ! Ordinarily it would just be an attempt at blasphemy but the exclamation point really brings that one home for me. Don't know why but I get a kick out of that.

Standout Tracks

   Night of the Stygian Souls