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Voivod, "Nothingface"

Nothingface is one of those records that has a tendency to confuse just about everyone. I've had this album for over a decade and I still don't totally get it. Voivod had already gotten a bit strange on Dimension Hatröss, but this one veered head-on into Pink Floyd territory, a trend that would continue for them on later albums. The most obvious sign of this would have to be the cover of Pink Floyd's Astronomy Domine. It's a bit heavier that the original, especially after the chorus but for the most part it follows the original quite closely in spirit. Blacky's bass is probably the dominant instrument on the album, which is also a departure, given Piggy's previous six-string assaults upon the senses. This isn't to say Piggy does nothing, but he is actually somewhat in the background more than usual. Piggy probably does his best vocal work on this album, although the vocals have none of the rough edges on previous works. The album is much more technical in flavor, but is still quite pleasing to my ears. It is even obvious looking at the cover how Voivod are changing, as Away's artwork has evolved quite a bit even from Hatröss, as it is much cleaner than it ever was. The colors also aren't as dark. I know I don't usually discuss this sort of thing with most bands, but Voivod have always had a tighter connection between their artwork and their music than most bands. Hell, they use the art to help tell the story, and The Voivod has many stories to tell.

Standout Tracks

   The Unknown Knows
   Astronomy Domine
   X-Ray Mirror