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Voivod, "The Outer Limits"

This is the first album Voivod recorded without the original lineup as Blacky had left after Angel Rat was recorded. Pierre St. Jean from the band Wildside was called in to lay the bass down for this album. This follows in the steps of Angel Rat although the resemblance to Motörhead is lessened and the Pink Floyd influence really kicks in hard on this album. Part of this is due to the presence of another Floyd cover, The Nile Song. In fact this could be considered a mix of Pink Floyd and Rush more than anything. The bass it what reminds me most of Rush, and not just that they're both Canadian. For quite a bit of the album Piggy also sounds like he's channeling Alex Leifson, although it still has plenty of the usual rock touches that Piggy brings to his work. This is most obvious in the song The Lost Machine. I know I rant about this in every Voivod review but how is this man not acclaimed as a god? Piggy continues with the clean vocals he adopted on Dimension Hatröss, although on a few songs he is trying to be Roger Waters so bad it hurts. However trying to follow in the footsteps of the man who wrote The Wall can't be a bad thing if you know what you're doing. Voivod have known exactly what they're doing for years now, it’s just the rest of us who have trouble following sometimes. They even take a voyage into Opeth territory with the 17 minute long Jack Luminous. So how does it turn out? Amazing of course. There are days where I think the only reason this band has so many science fiction themes is because they aren't from around here. Extraterrestrial, extradimensional, or just amazing? I still don't have an answer to that question but I don't need one. I just need more Voivod.

Standout Tracks

   Fix My Heart
   The Nile Song
   The Lost Machine
   Jack Luminous