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Apeiron, "Endternity"
2002, Demo
Apeiron, "Endternity"

This is a very professionally packaged demo by an Italian thrash band. The only other Italian band I know is Necrodeath [raw thrash with no inkling of melody] and I've heard of the plethora of powermetal bands Italy has [cheesy and beyond cheesy]. Apeiron seem to have gone against the grain of Italian powermetal by delving into the realm of melodic thrash.

The music here is somewhat raw but a little one-dimensional. Apeiron seem to have a distinct style and a very unique sense of melody. The melody is supplemented by the addition of a raw drum sound and hoarse vocals. What seems to be lacking is the musical punch songs can produce. Maybe the mix is at fault there for muddying things up a bit.

This is an impressive effort for just a demo and by the look of things Apeiron can definitely deliver even more on a full length. Full marks on presentation guys.

Standout Tracks

   The Chant