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Antares, "Made in Fear"
Made in Fear
Independent Release
2004, Independent Release
Antares, "Made in Fear"

Antares remind me a lot of a drunk driver, in other words all over the road. These guys do some really good things on this album. In fact their sound could be best described as a blacker Vehemence. This is most evident in the guitar tone and the vocals, which remind me of Vehemence's masterpiece God Was Created. However they also have some moments where the atmosphere is undone by some really cheesy keyboards and other affectations they don't quite need. The vocals vary quite a bit going from the deep death growl to a higher rasp to some spoken passages. The spoken deep goth vocals annoy me a bit to be honest, they just seem kind of forced and unnecessary. To their credit they do lay down some great solos on this album. They actually remind me of power metal solos, but without the wankery that so often pollutes them. I must say I prefer when they keep it fast and aggressive as opposed to slow and atmospheric. All in all this is some pretty good, if uneven, black/death that I would recommend to anyone looking for something a little different from the norm. I think if they stopped trying to put in some scary moments into the music they could create something truly terrifying.

Standout Tracks

   Mists of Avalon
   End in Amon Hen