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Hermano, "Dare I Say..."
Dare I Say...
Meteor City
2005, Meteor City
Hermano, "Dare I Say..."

When it comes to smooth stoner rock, Kyuss is the fucking king, and a good part of that crown was earned by John Garcia’s slick and soulful vocal delivery. With Kyuss no more, Mr. Garcia has joined another stoner rock band, Hermano, and they’re taking the scene by…well, it’s not storm, because that’s more a death metal thing…let's say “by cool” then. The band’s second album Dare I Say... sounds to me just like a compacted version of many of the better parts from Kyuss’ And the Circus Leaves Town and Welcome to Sky Valley. If you’re after the fuzz-drenched driving groove, or the elusive melody snaking in and out of a spacey bridge, or simply more quality stoner rock with John Garcia’s one-of-a-kind vocal delivery, look no further than Hermano’s Dare I Say…

Standout Tracks

   Roll Over
   Is This OK?
   Quite Fucked

Peter Johnston