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Chris Caffery, "Music Man"

"Music Man" is one of two EPs (the other is titled "The Mold") that Caffrey released to promote his two-disc opus, "Faces". This CD contains eight songs, two of which were favorites of mine from the two-disc release. The title track is a swaying acoustic number from "Faces" that illustrates Chris' affection for Alice in Chains, as it's reminiscent of the their "Jar of Flies" EP. "What Child Is This?" is a keyboard and metal guitar instrumental that could easily have been included on any Trans Siberian Orchestra album. Likewise, "Christmas Is" also sounds like a TSO castaway that's finally found an exclusive home on this EP. It's an AOR holiday rock track that has a chorus in the vein of what Styx might do. Pretty cool, unless you're a Satanist, I guess. "Forever We'll Be" is a song only appearing on the two EPs. The cut opens with acoustic guitars and breathy crooning, and despite a catchy bridge, it's generally a bore. "Pisses Me Off (Radio Edit)" is the enjoyable metal romp from "Faces" with the curse words cut out (thus removing much of the enjoyment, but ain't that radio for ya). "Abandoned" is a terrific Savatage-influenced epic. "Amazing Grace" is from the "Faces" bonus disc "God Damned War". This sparse track features a lone piano and Chris belting out the lyrics with an exaggerated vibrato - my Dad (R.I.P.) loved this song, so I've got some nostalgic connection to it, but I suspect alotta folks will be left scratching their heads over this (fortunately it's only about two minutes long). Finally, we have the non-edited version of "Pisses Me Off" to close things out. If you're curious about Chris but don't want to invest in "Faces", this is certainly worth checking out. Likewise, if you're a huge Trans Siberian Orchestra fan, the second and third tracks alone make this worth buying. Finally, if you're a Caffrey fan or you dug "Faces", the extras here make it worth picking up.

Standout Tracks

   Music Man
   What Child Is This?
   Pisses Me Off