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Blood Red Throne, "Altered Genesis"

Norway’s Blood Red Throne aren’t trying to create death metal that will stun you into epiphany by being the freshest, newest, most unique stuff out there. All they’re doing is kicking a lot of ass with a solid, tight straight-forward old-school attack. Their third full length, Altered Genesis, is exactly what fans of the band would want: more of the same killer, slick thrashing death metal sickness.

Tchort once again creates some truly catchy riffs, while Mr. Hustler, Dod and Erlend Caspersen anchor the work, each with extremely solid performances as well. The music this time around has the same spirit as Affiliated With the Suffering, but tracks like “Arterial Lust,” “Ripsaw Resentment” and the “Flesh to Destroy” show Blood Red Throne upping the ante in overall songwriting quality. In addition with song titles like “Eye-Licker” and the gorgeous cover artwork (doesn’t it make you think Cannibal Corpse is kicking themselves for the way the cover of Vile came out?) you know that all the stuff Mr. Hustler’s grunting has got to be about some serious depravity.

When it comes down to it, Blood Red Throne know exactly what they’re doing, and Altered Genesis is an album for those of you who like good, solid, engaging death metal. Period.

Standout Tracks

   Arterial Lust
   Ripsaw Resentment

Peter Johnston