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Charnel House, "From Birth to Burial"
Charnel House
From Birth to Burial
Independent Release
2001, Independent Release
Charnel House, "From Birth to Burial"

This unknown bunch of guys have been sticking around for a long time but they are still unsigned. They have played live with some of the best in the business. The band has had to put in huge amounts of effort to build this CD from the ground up, and then promote it. The inside artwork and layout was all designed and created by band members John King and John Siemerling which I believe is a great asset because the artwork reflects the emotions of the actual artist creating the music. However, the cover artwork is unimpressive and puzzling for the most part with its psychedelic interplay of colors. It almost looks like an 80's stoner rock album. I would have liked to see John King scribble some more on the front.

Musically, Charnel House take a dash of raw and throbbing thrash rhythms and mix it with hardcore influenced leanings that almost sound punk at times. The production is loud but muddy. The unclear and rather noisy quality of sound takes away from what would have been a more intense experience. The album starts off well with decently heavy tracks but soon loses its way. After the first 4 songs or so the tracks start lacking tempo changes which makes it hard to discern which track is which. They do come up with some really heavy ones in the latter part of the album, something they should have done frequently to keep things moving.

Overall, From Birth to Burial is a decent offering with nothing amazing in store. However, maybe if the band gets signed to a major label they might be able to put their ideas forward in a more creative and unified way. It takes guts to produce a CD on your own. I wish them the best of luck for their upcoming projects.

Standout Tracks

   Of Blood and Bone
   Number 13
   No Reason to Die