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Marduk, "Plague Angel"

Every review I read about Marduk is “oh, they’re so fast, oh they’re so brutal, oh they’re so blasphemous.” Please! Give me a fucking break. I’ve owned a few of Marduk’s albums in the past, and I have plenty of reasons why they’re no longer part of my collection. The plain and simple fact about this Swedish black metal “legend” is that they’re dull, stale and they’ve been that way for years now.

On the band’s umpteenth album, Plague Angel, they do more of the same: blast, screech and completely, utterly fail to make their music memorable by writing good guitar hooks or at least making even one of their songs relatively dynamic. If the song starts off fast, it’ll stay that way, and if they throw in a dirge, there’s not going to be that awesome fast segment in the middle. Marduk leave no room for guess work and no room for much enjoyment…but this is nothing new.

Plague Angel is simply another pass at creating what they tried to do with La Grand Danse Macabre and Nightwing; both of which were failed attempts at transitioning from the blasting-all-the-fucking-time formula to creating an album with a variety of different tempos. Those two albums were straight-up banal, and this one, though a little better because of a few moments of decent atmosphere and overall stellar production, is much the same.

So go ahead, pick up Plague Angel and whine about how great it is and how I’m so goddamned wrong about Marduk. I could give a fuck, and secretly I’ll be laughing at your sorry ass because you’re wasting your life listening to boring, mind-numbing bullshit when you could be getting a real lesson from Zyklon or a number of other better bands.

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   Life's Emblem

Peter Johnston