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Mental Horror, "Abyss of Hypocrisy"

Brazilian death metal always seems to be so fucking fast, especially when the band is Mental Horror. The trioís second album, Abyss of Hypocrisy is brutal beyond belief, and it lasts for 53 minutes. The band takes much the same approach as on their debut, Proclaiming Vengeance, though the production is better, allowing Mental Horror the opportunity to show off their songs a little more. Still, from one track to the next, there isnít a whole lot of diversity and this does bring the album down quickly.

If you can drag a coherent thought from your head after the CD stops, youíll be lucky. This disc has liquefied my brain every time I tried to make sense of it, and the most I have gotten out of it is that itís a grueling listen with more blast beats than one can count. Fans of Krisiun and Brodequin, step up, because this disc is definitely a proving ground for those who claim to be sick and brutal. The rest of us, however, should probably avoid the beating that Mental Horror is dishing out.

Standout Tracks

   Angel of Vengeance

Peter Johnston