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Dark Funeral, "Diabolis Interium"
Dark Funeral
Diabolis Interium
No Fashion Records
2001, No Fashion Records
Dark Funeral, "Diabolis Interium"

Standard blackmetal played at a hellacious speed with a really groovy guitar sound and a decent production. That pretty much sums up what Dark Funeral have created in Diabolis Interium; nothing too complicated but not for the uninitiated either.

Produced by Peter Tagtgren the album sounds similar to most Abyss studio productions but sporting a raw edge. The Arrival of Satan's Empire opens up the album in kick-ass fashion. Built on a killer riff and blindingly fast tempos the track maintains the furious sound. However, it does get boring in the end. All the songs from this point on follow the blueprint but fail in coming up with anything better. Goddess of Sodomy throws in some orgasmo-chick samples (like my Ed. would say - leave the cum-shots to porno and White Zombie.) which is pretty obvious from the name of the song. There are a few slowdowns in An Apprentice of Satan but nothing remarkable. Armageddon finally comes, the smallest track on the album really caught me by surprise with its whirlwind of riffs.

The guitars sound like a nuclear reactor going critical, I don't how they made them sound like that but all that matters is its damn cool. Two thumbs up for the guitars!

By the way, Matte Modin from Defleshed is manning the drums but he doesn't really do anything remarkable except beat the life out of them.

On an endpoint, these guys demonstrate the way traditional blackmetal should be played with good production. None of that atmospheric/keyboard bullshit! And to contradict the point above they just don't do anything really new to bring any freshness to the genre. Anyhow, I know I'll be listening to this more than the new Dimmu. However, I'm still waiting for a band to better Immortal's achievement in Damned in Black.

Standout Tracks

   Armageddon Finally Comes
   The Arrival of Satan's Empire