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Marduk, "Panzer Division Marduk"

Panzer Division Marduk! The name alone gives you an insight of what the album inside is about to unleash on the (un)suspecting listener. This is a milestone in Marduk's celebrated discography. These guys prove every time that they're still the masters of hellacious, unrelenting, brutal black metal!

The record starts with sounds of war, screams and explosions, which give you a hint that listening to this album will not be a walk in the park. Seconds later is explodes into furiously fast symphony of destruction! Legion's vocals are raw and screechy as ever, razor sharp guitars pierce the listener's ears while the relentless drumming is as tight as a choirboy's ass. First track, the title track, is the perfect example of what awaits the listener further in the album. Second track, "Baptism by Fire" doesn't let you catch your breath for a second, and continues with the aural onslaught on your senses. Savage and vicious riffs draw the listener into the music and doesn't let him go until the last track, and one of the best Marduk tracks ever, "Fistfucking God's Planet". Other notable tracks include "Christraping Black Metal", "Scorched Earth" and "Beast of Prey". As you can see, Marduk isn't about loving Jesus and christians.

The album features good production due to the fact that the acclaimed producer and Hypocrisy screamer, Peter Tatgren, produced it at the famous Abyss studios. This album is quite different from their older and newer efforts, as it contains extremely frenetic and frenzied music. It would get a little monotonous but it only lasts about 30 minutes, and I think that's the perfect length for a rabid sound like "Panzer's". I, among many others, consider it a benchmark for brutally fast black metal. Very recommended album for lovers of this genre.

Standout Tracks

   Panzer Division Marduk
   Baptism by Fire
   Christraping Black Metal
   Fistfucking God's Planet