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Searing Meadow, "Corroding from Inside"
Searing Meadow
Corroding from Inside
Searing Meadow, "Corroding from Inside"

This is one of those records that I have much trouble with when I review it. The reason is because I can't say much of anything bad about it, but at the same time it doesn't really grab me either. In fact I only have one problem with this album. It sounds like Elegy-era Amorphis. I love that record, my problem is that it sounds too much like Elegy. This isn't so much a continuation of the great music Amorphis was making before they forgot how as it is a borderline Xerox of what Amorphis did. The worst offender in terms of this is the song These Evening Tears or as I have come to call it, Against Widows II. The only real difference is that the despair of Amorphis isn't present here, which gives the album kind of a soulless feel. I find it odd that this album, while quite impressive from a technical standpoint elicits no emotion from me whatsoever. The skill is here, but the feeling isn't. I hate to say anything bad about this album because this isn't just a group of musicians but is in fact a band. They do write actual songs, they just don't register with me in any way. I want to love this record I really do, but it just doesn't hit me in the right way. I hate when a record is too good to bash but is just lacking enough for me to love, this is one of those records.

Standout Tracks

   These Evening Tears
   Fading to Silhouette