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Devolved, "Technologies"
LSP Company
2002, LSP Company
Devolved, "Technologies"

Out of nowhere this Australian band lands in my hands to give me a lesson on the art of mecha-deathmetal. The flyer says that Devolved is Australia's answer to Fear Factory which definitely didn't clue me in for the kind of bombardment that was about to commence.

Fear Factory my ass, this album is just a massive overdose of industro-destruction and a relentless onslaught on the drum-kit. The songs are driven by a barrage of vocals and overpowering drums. The guitars just supply variety to the pound-a-thon.

Devolved have certainly captured the mechanical attitude that Fear Factory had perfected in their prime. What they have added to that attitude is entirely their genius. The pure driving force of the music is draining on the ears; by the end of the album it feels like the drums are hammering nails into the cranium.

Lyrically and musically Devolved is an ominous forewarning from the future intent on pummeling the human mind into submission. There are times when the album may sound a bit one-dimensional or structure-less but holy hell, with a debut like this, Devolved have certainly etched their name onto the steel plate of this metalhead's skullcap.

Standout Tracks

   Aversive control