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Epoch of Unlight, "The Continuum Hypothesis"
Epoch of Unlight
The Continuum Hypothesis
Epoch of Unlight, "The Continuum Hypothesis"

Third release from these metal madmen from the grim hinterlands of Tennessee, and it’s a tasty bone to gnaw upon. After the promising “Caught in the Unlight” and “What Will Be Has Been”, they seem to be really hitting their stride with this one. I’d say they’ve all but shed any pretensions of black metal, as “The Continuum Hypothesis” revels in technical, almost progressive death/thrash. New singer B.J. Cook has the whole melodic death/thrash metal voice thing down; not a lot of variety to the delivery but solid nonetheless, and with potential to be even better. The music is pretty much spot on, Braddock’s guitar work is especially energetic which really makes this a head banging love fest. Tino LoSicco is a monster on the drums. “Argentum Era Secui Duos” is a freaking clinic of death meal drumming, and Joe Totty on bass holds it all down. Let me add here that this one sounds better the louder it gets.

Every song on here pulses with relentless energy, with enough variety to please those who like to roll around in giant piles of sharp edged riffs. Highlights would be the hyper energized first track “The Continuum Hypothesis”, the aforementioned “Argentum”, “Highgate”, and certainly “The End of All” (check out the solo at 3:58). “Broken Pendulum” is a thing of technical death metal beauty. “Aberrant Shadows” has a great chorus and bridge, and some tongue twisting lyrics. Speaking of which, Tino’s lyrics fit the mood of the music perfectly, fantastic imagery that oozes touches of sci fi. “Quicksilver To Ash” lets Joe step up a bit. “Denubrum” sports a nicely contrasting outro, and the last song “The Scarlet Thread” is a stunning bit of metal.

Listening to this band evolve over the first three albums has been a pleasure, and this one really cements their place in the top tier of underground metal. I can only hope the rest of the metal public sees it my way and gives these guys a boost. This is a sweet piece of work that deserves to be heard and appreciated.

Standout Tracks

   The Continuum Hypothesis
   Argentum Era Secui Duos
   The Scarlet Thread