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Avulsed, "Gorespattered Suicide"

The title track kicks off Avlused’s Gorespattered Suicide album, and you’ll instantly realize that this Spanish quintet are simply dishing out more of the same crisp and gory death metal full of killer breaks and refreshing guitarwork. Once again these guys have reached stateside for immaculate recording sound, and once again they have trolled the depths of human depravity for their lyrical content. The main difference between this disc and their last two is that the use of melodic guitars has been tuned down, making the material on this disc overall heavier than before.

Despite the weightier nature of Gorespattered Suicide, the band still dishes up plenty of variety. Though “Burnt but not Carbonized,” “Eat Foetal Mush” and “4N Sick” are straight up death, they’re nicely balanced with “Filth Injected,” a longer, slower track that almost has a black metal feel to it and “Let Me Taste Your Flesh” and “Divine Wine”with their melodic leanings. Addditionally, the band unleash “Infernal Haemorrhoids,” an utterly godly 15 seconds of incredibly groovy grind, and a cover of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” just for kicks.

Gorespattered Suicide is yet another shining example of how the death metal scene can and will continue to improve. Avulsed haven’t missed a beat with this album, filling it with a myriad of different influences, and all the while keeping it strictly brutal, sick death metal.

Standout Tracks

   Gorespattered Suicide
   Divine Wine
   Infernal Haemorrhoids
   Let Me Taste Your Flesh

Peter Johnston