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Dimentianon, "Promo 2005"
Promo 2005
2005, Demo
Dimentianon, "Promo 2005"

Dimentianon like to do very raw and very fast death metal. This is pretty solid stuff, especially the drummer who plays as though amphetamines are one of the four basic food groups. This is my favorite part of the promo since the rest of the music isn't anything you haven't heard before. It's pretty solid stuff, but nothing you haven't heard from many other bands. The vocals remind me a bit of Dwid from Integrity though not nearly as sinister sounding. He uses a rasp but its pretty clear so the lyrics aren't a mystery. The tempo isn't all fast though so this never comes close to being a Pessimist record thankfully. The production is very much on the raw side, which has led to this promo having a very good drum sound, even if the guitar and bass are a little thin. I think I need to hear more from these guys before passing judgment on them, but I like the direction they're going in.