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Immortal, "Sons of Northern Darkness"

Before I had heard Damned in Black, I thought Immortal was just your regular diet of corpse-painted black metal. After hearing Damned in Black I realized that Immortal was barely clinging on to its black metal roots by means of their corpse-paint. The album ended up being one of the greatest joyrides I have bumped into.

So what does one of the more prominent bands in the metal scene do to follow-up a masterpiece? They keep the winning formula and add just enough to drag in a few more into their fan-base. Once again Immortal has taken a chockfull of ultra-catchy thrash and even classic heavy metal riffs and quickened everything to the point where it becomes the Immortal we all have come to know. One listen and all the hooks will sink in like a warm butter knife, leaving the listener to revel in one final war-dance before the CD player self-destructs.

What still continues to amaze me since I heard Damned in Black is the amount of speed Immortal generates. While the other extreme bands may plunder their instruments and dish out one blast-beat after another all they end up creating is an incongruent wall of sound [mostly]; whereas Immortal can actually make their incongruent wall of sound send powersurges racing down one's spinal cord [very often]. What makes the album even more special is the fact that they made a few slower songs and they are just as powerful as the fast ones; for example Tyrants which adds a little bit German thrash for flavor.

For all the Damned in Black die-hards this is the best sequel possible. Sons of Northern Darkness is going to put the war-paint back on the faces of all the Immortal enthusiasts and inspire more bands to create killer material. Prepare for war!

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