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Balatonizer, "Occlused In Ottusity"

Take equal chunks Assuck, Malignancy, Mortician and Lucio Fulci, throw them in a blender and fuck ‘em all around and out oozes Balatonizer. 32 insane snippets of the best goddamned death grind butchery this side of Mr. Edward Gein. Inspired by the macabre cinematic efforts of heyday Pastaland (Italy) and melded into a forensic cacophony blasted out in 30 second splurges, Occulsed in Ottusity is a fresh fucking scent of bile in a sea of innards. Take everything thing you know regarding death/gore grind; Fleshgrind, Mortician, Malignancy, Sepsism, Disgorge, and the tons of fucking Crime Scene Investigating metal, and push it aside for Balatonizer. The production is solid, the sound is solid, the artwork (courtesy of guitarist Marco Failla, who works for Marvel Europe), a demonic comic strip featuring the band members is excellent; from all points this record slays, and oh man those pinch harmonics… Anyone who even remotely likes the gooey, belching side of death metal, do your self a favor and support this band. This record has been getting tons of play from myself, and will in the time to come, if not a top ten this year, it will be damn close.

(Mike, How can you not like this???)

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