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My Shameful, "...of Dust"

My Shameful is a band that has one thing going on about them. Doom. Soul-crushing despair. That's what these guys do. This album is fifty five of the bleakest, most despondent minutes ever to come from Finland. This album is a ten-ton behemoth that moves like a sloth with four broken legs. The worst part is that it feels like its moving over you at the time, grinding you into the dirt, slowly. So very painfully slow. The guitars weigh a ton in terms of their sound, and they rarely get all that adventurous, preferring to destroy you where you stand. The production in almost every respect is great, although the vocals could be a little higher in the mix. The vocals are odd ranging from a Demilich inspired croak to clean vocals, which sound like they are coming out of a dying man. There are plenty of keyboards to speak of on here, but they stay towards the back of the mix and exist only to lend a dread atmosphere that this album so loves. If I had to pick a band to compare them to it would have to be early My Dying Bride, though My Shameful have no strings. The guitar tone is almost the same, especially on many of the leads, which is the main reason I'd say them. This is an amazing record all around, even if the vocals are a little garbled. This interferes with the total despair of the record since I can't figure out the lyrics but then again that might be a good thing. I already need prozac, if I knew what they were saying I might have swallowed a gun by now.