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Accursed Dawn, "Manifest Damnation (The Creation Affect)"
Accursed Dawn
Manifest Damnation (The Creation Affect)
Accursed Dawn, "Manifest Damnation (The Creation Affect)"

Time can be a very cruel thing to both bands and listeners. It isn't very polite to Accursed Dawn either. If this had come out a few years ago it probably would have been a pretty good record, however so many records have come out that this one doesn't really stand out in any degree. In fact I knew this by heart the first time I heard it. A few times I even knew what was coming before it came out of my speakers. This is fairly decent melodic death from a band that obviously loves Sweden. The vocals are on the raspy side but really don't have much behind them. The kickdrum sound is outright flat, though the playing is pretty good. The music is pretty good too, but this has been done to death and rebirth and death again. They will probably get lumped in with the Swedecore scene for the use of breakdowns, which should never be used for anything. Let me quote my old friend Noah Webster. Breakdown: To go out of working order. In other words, to fuck up. They also have a tendency to write really long songs. This wouldn't bother me except they don't really go by all that quickly. They sound as long as they are. This has many good solos, but it feels like they were put in just to pad the album length out. I don't want to sound like I really hate this band because I don't. I just can't really get into them because this has been done so many times before, and much better than this. If you're batshit in love with all things Gothenburg then you need this, otherwise I wouldn't recommend this.