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P.H.O.B.O.S., "Tectonics"

Well if you didn't figure this one out already P.H.O.B.O.S. like Voivod. This is never a bad thing of course but these mad Frenchmen take it up a notch. They are most inspired by Eric Forrest era Voivod with quite a bit of Godflesh style industrial dirge thrown in for good measure. In fact much of the ambient background noise reminds me of an old favorite by the name of Skin Chamber. Their only two albums came out back in the Jurassic period on Roadrunner, back when they released good records. Voivod’s Negatron meets Skin Chamber’s Wound meets Godflesh’s Songs of Love and Hate. This is the best way to describe this album. The vocals are a pained rasp, which gives you the idea the vocalist is being tortured while recording this. This of course makes it that much more grating on the senses. This is not so much music as a recording meant to overload and destroy the senses of the person listening to it. This album is as hard to describe as it can be to listen to. This is coming from someone who loves this record. There is quite a bit of white noise on the album, which can make it that much harder to really get into. In fact there are moments where I am not even sure this is music, but I can’t help but enjoy them. This is not something you can casually listen to and enjoy but you pretty much have to listen to this while in a sensory deprivation tank to really get everything that is going on here. You also have to prepare for the possibility that you will be insane when this is over. This is head crushing industrial dirge at it's finest. I can't possibly do it right now but in a few years I might even be mentioning Tectonics in the same breath I speak about Godflesh's masterwork Streetcleaner. This is that damn good, but it's not for everyone.