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Eyes See Red, "Beyond the Realm of Sanity"
Eyes See Red
Beyond the Realm of Sanity
Independent Release
2005, Independent Release
Eyes See Red, "Beyond the Realm of Sanity"

Death metal band eyes see red (no caps, mind you) have been a part of the underground extreme metal scene in their native Switzerland for years. Ever since 1996, they've been churning out death metal upon the band's formation, an effort that has ultimately culminated in 'Beyond The Realm of Sanity,' the band's latest effort.

Originally beginning the recording process for this album in 2002, the trio known as eyes see red have finally completed the recording and mixing process to 'Beyond the Realm of Sanity,' which should be something for fans of straight-up death metal to take note of, not for groundbreaking songwriting, but more for just doing what makes death metal good.

Blasting through 'Beyond the Realm of Sanity' in just 35 minutes, eyes see red pepper the album's nine tracks with intricately speedy guitar riffs that aren't afraid to cross into the realm of melodic death metal, and occasionally into an almost jazz-influence vibe (check out track 4, "Borderline").

Drummer Michael Meier pounds the skins in a fashion that mixes well with the strong mix that bassist/vocalist Christian Mettler brings to the table with his four stringer.

eyes see red's lineup is rounded out by guitarist Mathias who offers up a buzz-saw guitar delivery, which almost plays second fiddle to the drum/bass mix on 'Beyond the Realm of Sanity.' Mettler's vocal delivery is more deep screaming than guttural, but it mixes well with the band's sound, despite a thin delivery.

While the band isn't breaking too much new ground with 'Beyond the Realm of Sanity,' songs like the instrumental "Borderline" and the frantic and unpredictable nature of "Madness Sweet Madness" should make 'Beyond the Realm of Sanity' a quality addition to any dedicated death metal aficionado...if you can get by the rather thin overall mix of the album. Granted it's an independent release, which we should all applaud the band for doing, thin production is in fact where death metal started, but I don't know how many people want to hear it nowadays.

Competent and sometimes interesting songwriting aside, 'Beyond the Realm of Sanity' doesn't offer a whole lot new to death metal arena, but if you're not looking for the next big thing, and just want something new that will entertain you for a bit, eyes see red should suffice.

Standout Tracks

   Madness Sweet Madness