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V:28, "Soul Saviour"

V:28 return with their second album Soul Saviour and once again push the war-ravaged, apocalyptic imagery and the industrial black metal. On the band’s previous effort, NonAnthropogenic , they ended up sounding flat and monotonous because the guitar riffs weren’t that interesting and they didn’t wholeheartedly embrace the techno/industrial side of their work. This time around, this trio push the bleak, nuclear-wind-swept landscape sound again, but instead of sounding dull and one-dimensional, they actually succeed in making it all seem very, very bleak. The keyboards are mesmerizing in “The Purifying Flames” while the techno unz-unz beat in “Infected By Life” somehow make it better than if it were just a black metal tune. I can’t say I love this CD because it is still too bleak and some of the guitar riffing isn’t the most inventive, but it’s a huge step in the right (and a new) direction for V:28. Even if you couldn’t stand the debut, Soul Saviour might have something worthwhile to offer you…perhaps a naughty nurse pin-up, though you can discover that for yourself if you buy the disc.

Standout Tracks

   Infected by Life
   The Purifying Flames
   Solid Structure Unknown
   Dead Men's Choir

Peter Johnston