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Aborted, "The Archaic Abattoir"

Utilizing huge melodic-Carcass rhythms and employing numerous rocking, bombing breakdowns, Aborted might just be the new heroes of a dead genre that Olympic is pushing them as. Whereas the surgical precision of Engineering the Dead and Goremaggedon has taken a backseat to the grooving, thick, dirty gore-rock of The Archaic Abattoir, these Belgians have crafted a sickening cornerstone to the death-grind revolution. Just listening to the monolithic breakdown in “Hecatomb” book-ended by the best goddamned pinch harmonics in death metal; If only Chris Barnes knew what he was capable of… Aborted is the band that Six Feet under never became. The high-low trade off wretching Sven De Caluwe and reverb soaked ambient riffing ala’ Nile wraps perfectly around the spot on drumming of Gilles Dellecroix, making The Archaic Abattoir a huge swash of violent death groove savagery maybe soon to be a point of recognition for the genre. Do not let the seemingly-generic scientific gore image scare you, these boys mean business; and they have brought it; big time.