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Crack ov Dawn, "Dawn Addict"

Wow, usually electro-groove, techno-friendly goth approaches to metal like Lycosia don't work, but on the band's self-titled offering, this stuff is actually pretty damn good. It's groove heavy and definitely benefits from the infectious vocal melodies as well as the rest of the band's sense of melody, snug up alongside club-friendly beats and grooves. If I actually liked going to dance clubs, I would much rather hear Lycosia than the flavor of the week hip-hop song.

That's not to say the band is all about club grooves. While there are no Yngwie leads and no Meshuggah screams, Lycosia's got something here. I wanted to dislike this record (especially after hearing it was from the same team that brought everyone the abysmal Crack Ov Dawn album (now is when I shudder violently in remembrance). Rest assured though, Lycosia is infectiously catchy, and ought to serve as both quality club grooves and laid-back drinking moods at the same time. This is the sort of stuff folks could toss on at a soiree and not be ashamed to be playing, while still not alienating the crowd with blast-beats and death vocals.

Rarely does Lycosia stumble (on the beginning and chorus of "Trade In Your Hate", for instance), and most of what the band does is a refreshing take on easily-accessible, metal-influenced rock. It's not for everyone, but it doesn't make me want to gouge my eyes out, either. After the last batch of reviews, that's definitely a nice change of pace.