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Mi Amore, "The Lamb"

Dirty doesnít even begin to describe the music on Mi Amoreís The Lamb CD. This thing is fucking filthy, mucky, repugnant in a way that only stoner sludge meets hardcore/punk/metalcore could ever get close to: picture Eyehategod in a back-alley brawl with Darkest Hour. These guys fill the speakers with fuzz, hard-hitting drums and fist-shaking beats that simply canít be denied. The songs are all really short (epic for Mi Amore is three minutes, and the album barely passes the half-hour mark), all show an uncanny sense of songwriting smarts, as even the tracks that are a minute and a half rope the listener in almost instantly. It also doesnít hurt that the vocals are a hideous blend drunkenness and rabidity, dripping with venom in every syllable. If you have any appreciation for hardcore, metal, punk or stoner rock/doom, youíll be able to fully appreciate the raw power and grime of Mi Amoreís The Lamb. Itís completely worth the shower youíll need to take afterward.

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