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Audiopain, "Contagious [reissue]"
Contagious [reissue]
Audiopain, "Contagious [reissue]"

Audiopain is a Norse band that is caught in a time warp. These guys think it's the 80's all over again. Naturally I have no complaint with this as they are living in the 80's of Kreator, Slayer and Celtic Frost. Celtic Frost would probably be the band they resemble closest, but they are by no means a Frost clone as the songs are a bit faster and the vocals sound like Schmier, but just a little higher. The rhythm section is somewhat buried in the mix with the bass rearing up on occasion and the drums not really doing much to be noticed. The guitar solos are always fun on this, vacillating between Celtic Frost and Slayer in style. The only problem I have with this release is that it is only 23 minutes long. The production is also beautiful on this EP, as it definitely raw but isn't near the incomprehensible sludge most black metal bands tell you is raw. You can actually hear what's going on in the song, but it is dirty as hell. I need to see these guys tour the US with Summon. That would be perfect.