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Darkane, "Layers of Lies"

Its been a while and Darkane have had enough time to fester in their musical madness to release a brand new album. The last album Expanding Senses came out just a year after Insanity and really lacked the kind of impact Insanity had. Anyways, its been almost 3 years since then and Layers of Lies is a welcome addition to the year 2005.

I got introduced to Darkane through Insanity and back then the music completely blew me away. It was infinitely unique at the time. I expected more of the craziness from Expanding Senses but it felt like the band had toned down and somewhat streamlined their aggression. I didn't really get into the homogenous nature of the songs of the album even though it was a pretty good collection of songs.

Layers of Lies is 3/4ths Insanity and 1/4th Expanding Senses and that is a damn good mixture if you have heard both albums. Insanity still amazes me everytime I listen to it and Layers of Lies is like the much awaited sequel that does not disappoint. The technicality of the song structures, the harshness of the vocals, the wobbliness of the drums and the infectiously addictive choruses are all merged together in this album.

It doesn't take very long for the songs to become memorable. Secondary Effects, Organic Canvas and Fading Dimensions provide the perfect launching pad for this album and it does not stop after that. The album is relentless in its quality and there is no respite for the ears.

A lot of Darkane fans still prefer Rusted Angel as their best (which is a damn good album as well) but they are not going to disappointed with Darkane's thrash leanings in Layers of Lies; especially on songs like Contaminated, Godforsaken Universe and the violently spastic The Creation Insane.

Darkane is a band of professional musicians who've brought top-notch quality to the platter on every offering and Layer of Lies is no exception. Insanity is my favorite Darkane album, but Layers of Lies will rank about just as high. It is also more consistent in terms of quality throughout the album than Insanity. Remarkable.

Standout Tracks

   Secondary Effects
   Organic Canvas
   Godforsaken Universe