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Voivod, "Angel Rat"

Most Voivod fans can agree that this album is the band's nadir. They tried to follow up on the 70's feel of Nothingface but instead of exploring the more bizarre side of music the way Pink Floyd did they actually turned into more of a bad Motorhead clone. Motorhead with a just a hint of Rush is probably the best description. Piggy took to this like a duck to water, as this was the first Voivod album on which his guitar didn't feel somewhat incongruent with the music. This hurts the album in my opinion, as this incongruence is what really made Voivod stand out among their peers. The main problem with this album however is Snake's vocals. His voice had been getting less nasty with each album; compare War and Pain to Dimension Hatross if you don't believe me. On Angel Rat there is not so much as a trace of venom to the vocals. In fact the vocals are pretty weak, although part of this is due to the fact that the surrounding material is in the same vein so the vocals had to be adjusted to fit the songs. This isn't a horrible record in my opinion and if it came from another band I might enjoy it quite a bit but I know these guys can do so much better that this one kind of hurts.

Standout Tracks

   Best Regards
   None of the Above