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Soilwork, "Steelbath Suicide"

The debut of this Swedish band is marked by the vicious effort put into this album. In the Swedish scene of cliched melodic - deathmetal bands this album stands out as an example of aggression. Yes, they do inject melodies and provide some soaring solos here and there. But the core of the music is bound by sheer thrashmetal viciousness. This purity and rawness in sound makes this album easily their best effort. Why do I say that? Because on Steelbath Suicide, Soilwork seem to have some real purpose in the music and know exactly what they want to do.

Practically every song on this album excels in some aspect or the other. The music may not appease a thrashmetal purist but the elements would certainly satisfy him. The songs are also paced beautifully so that they don't loose any tightness in structure. Ambient background music is used judiciously and not blatantly overused like most Swedish deathmetal. Solos are also placed logically where they would make the most sense. There are 2 instrumental tracks, Entering the Angel Diabolique and Centro de Predominio, which showcase Soilwork's melodic riffs. Plus a bonus track of the live version of Sadistic Lullaby gives the listener a taste of how ferocious Soilwork can be on stage.

What else can I say? Nothing much I guess. It depends on what the listener is looking for. It would be very difficult for Soilwork to top Steelbath Suicide in future and I doubt the odds.

Standout Tracks

   Wings of Domain
   My Need