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Aeternitas, "La Danse Macabre"

While much of the keyboard work makes the record sound almost juvenile, on the whole, La Danse Macabre is an interestingly epic gothic rock exploration into a world not too far from Blind Guardian. Singing about Kings, Queens, and quests for the crown, Aeternitas is like an audio adventure (albeit in German) through the medieval ages.

The music on La Danse Macabre is interesting enough, including death and black metal elements in small doses alongside operatic male and female singing and keyboard relient melodies. Imagine a bit of Blind Guardian, an element of Leaves' Eyes, and a tiny bit of Nightwish and you'll be headed in the right direction.

The only problem is that most American listeners will feel distanced from the music on La Danse Macabre, since most of the emphasis lies in the vocal storytelling of the album. Add that into an operatic approach and Aeternitas, unfortunately, will distance themselves from much of the metal community outside Germany. While there are songs like "Krüppel," "Papst" and "Kardinal" that stick out as gothicized Rammstein songs with both gothic and industrial tendencies, much of the rest of La Danse Macabre is constructed with the whole album in mind. There are some really cool orchestrations and songs on La Danse Macabre, and i could definitely see myself spinning this record in the future...but it's not for everyone.

If you love gothic rock, you'll surely dig Aeternitas. But, if you prefer your singing in English (or undecipherable, for that matter), then this might not be the band for you. La Danse Macabre encompasses an interesting storyline revolving around death, it's just too bad that the message will undoubtedly be lost upon non-German listeners.

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