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Hypocrisy, "Virus"

Since Hypocrisy released Abducted back in 1996 they’ve only made one bad album, Catch 22. Every other release during this nearly ten-year period has been at the very least, strong, if not masterful. With the band’s 2005 release, Virus, we see Hypocrisy only continuing to improve. Though the lineup is now four, two of which are new members, they’re hardly rookies in the metal scene. Andreas Holma adds his axe talents, while the mighty Horgh formerly of Immortal commands the drum kit with seeming ease and precision. The result very well may be Hypocrisy’s fullest, most mature sound…and the best part is they still sound just like the band they’ve been for almost a decade.

I could go into raving contortions talking about how fucking amazing “Fearless” is for it’s tremendous use of melody, or for the killer songwriting, syncopation and execution of “Let the Knife do the Talking,” but there’s no point. I could go into the details of how Hypocrisy have made “Craving for Another Killing” and “Warpath” extremely brutal, but it’d be much more worthwhile for you to find out for yourself. That way, when you discover that “A Thousand Lies” and “Living to Die” show that the band can still make their atmospherics work, you’ll feel like you earned it. And even if you don’t agree with me that Virus is quite possibly Hypocrisy’s best work, you’ll probably have trouble ranking it much lower than second.

Standout Tracks

   Let the Knife do the Talking
   A Thousand Lies

Peter Johnston