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At all Cost, "It's Time to Decide"
At all Cost
It's Time to Decide
Combat Records
2005, Combat Records
At all Cost, "It's Time to Decide"

At All Cost debut with It’s Time to Decide, an album that has tons of potential but ultimately fails because the band is trying way to hard to sound unique. You see, these guys for the most part play absolutely killer melodic metalcore with great vocals, excellent riffing and to-the-point songwriting. Where they go so terribly wrong, however, starts in the vocal department with frequent use of a vococorder, and then spills into the music too often with, quite literally pop dance beats, etc. Who do they think they are, fucking Eiffel 65? If it were only the vococorder it would be okay, and possibly even cool alongside some of their wisely chosen punk-ish breakdowns, but this dance club bullshit is utterly miserable and completely intolerable! Though there are a couple untainted songs, the majority of At All Cost’s work on It’s Time To Decide is infiltrated by this “unique” show of horrible decision making. Basically they just need to be told, “Get the fuck out, and don’t come back until you’ve quit that disco shit!”

Standout Tracks

   Polish the Nightmare
   The Irony

Peter Johnston