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Abeyance, "Experience is the Words That Are Written"
Experience is the Words That Are Written
Abeyance, "Experience is the Words That Are Written"

Abeyance's music hits sure hits like a sack of bricks, but because the band more often than not sticks to hardcore's mandatory breakdowns and beat downs, that sack of bricks numbingly turns into just a sock full of pennies. Sure, it still stings, but it won't leave scars.

After hearing the potential the band has when they get into a speedy groove, like on the mid- to end-part of "Another God Fails," it is just that much more disapointing to get caught in the drudgery of much of the rest of Experience Is The Words That Are Written. Album closer "...And I Will Truly Walk Alone" works too, until it slows down, then succumbs to heavy breakdown riffing yet again. Ultimately, Experience Is The Words That Are Written sees Abeyance retreading oh-so-familiar hardcore territory without bringing enough new to the table. Grab a pan, throw in some chunky breakdowns, bashing drumming, a tougher-than-you frontman approach, add in a dash of calming, serene passages, and there you have it: Abeyance...and a ton of other bands out there.

Props to the band for a unique layout inside the album: The foldout contains album artwork and a seperate insert with lyrics on faux notepad paper. It's also pretty cool how Abeyance gave the storyline idea a shot too, most notable on Experience Is The Words That Are Written's last two tracks. It works, it's just too bad much of the rest of the album doesn't; Too little too late, perhaps. If Crash Music continues to believe in these guys like it looks like the label does, then Abeyance could definitely mature into a genre-leading act, but for right now they are right in the middle of an incredibly crowded scene.

Standout Tracks

   Another God Fails