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Scars of Tomorrow, "The Horror of Realization"
Scars of Tomorrow
The Horror of Realization
Scars of Tomorrow, "The Horror of Realization"

Wow, I’m not sure I can call Scars of Tomorrow metalcore despite the fact that they play the simple chugging, breakdown laden hardcore-meets-metal attack that so often just gets lumped into that category without a second thought. The main reason their disc The Horror of Realization is hard to categorize this way is simply because it just seems too ugly and brutal to be placed next to Atreyu or Avenged Sevenfold. Sounding much more like Zao than the former two bands, these guys abuse the surgery-scrub-room clean-and-clear production alongside maniacally grinding, abrasive guitars to pound their rabid, dry-throated message home.

Though the band does alternate to clean vocals on some of the choruses the result sounds like a mix between hardcore and metallic punk, but just for those moments…then it’s back to business as usual (i.e. cracking skulls). Tracks like “Murderers and Madmen” demonstrates the band’s grasp of this technique quite well, as does “The False Love in Lust.” Scars of Tomorrow do end up getting a bit carried away with the punk/emo/experimental idea on “SSNova” and “4Smith” but I have a feeling they’re just experimenting with interludes and that these are supposed to be breaks in the beating. Still, the majority of The Horror of Realization weighs in heavy and is menacing for most of its 37 minutes, which is all Scars of Tomorrow need to make their point. Overall, this disc is a pretty sick ride, regardless of the fact that it may be a bit simple and straightforward.

Standout Tracks

   The Constant Horror of Realization
   The Hidden Grudge
   The Unknown
   The Struggle

Peter Johnston